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Notary Spelling Change Attempted From Lahore On Wikipedia

Last night at 19:57 PKT Wikipedia was edited from the IP address located in Lahore, the person changed the spelling of the word “Notary” to “Notry”

The below image indicates the correct spelling on the left-hand side and the edited part shows on the right-hand side with the date and time of revision on right top corner, along with IP address used to make this change.

When you look up this IP address it will take you to visit Lahore on the map, which shows the revision was done from Lahore yesterday 19th July 2017 at 19:57 PKT.


But these changes were reverted back today morning at 10:41 PKT, whatever the reasons were behind these revisions on Wikipedia indicates something fishy going on in the background scenario.

You can check it yourself by visiting the link below



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