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Bill Gates Donated $40 Million for the Making of a “Super Cow”

For the making of a “Super Cow”, Bill Gates has donated a huge sum of money. This cow would be able to tolerate extreme temperature conditions and would produce more milk in terms of quantity than a normal cow.

For the making of this genetically engineered cow, an amount of dollar forty million has been donated by Bill Gates—the founder of Microsoft to an Edinburg-based non-profit organization—Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed).

While conversing with The Times, the Microsoft founder said that this super cow would be such that you could have four times more milk as compared to a normal cow with the similar survivability.

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The geneticists are planning to make this cow by merging the traits from an African cow and a European cow breed. Gates would be funding this as he wishes to help in making such a perfect cow that could produce as much milk as any European cow does and could tolerate heat, as well as an African cow, does.

However, this is unclear yet that how would these cows would be created, Gates previously recommended to make these cows via artificial insemination.

As per the reports of Business Insider, climate scientists have earlier warned against cows and dairy products leading to more environmental degradation than already happening, on the contrary Gates is of the belief that the cows could lessen the global poverty and starvation.

The Gates Foundation would not only aid in the research of higher-producing dairy cows, but also in chickens that could lay better quality eggs, “super crops” that could bare droughts or diseases and livestock vaccines.

This research would for sure be helping the farmers across the globe as per the International Livestock Research Institute there are seven hundred and fifty million people belonging to lower and middle-income nations who depend on livestock (sheep, goats and cattle) farming, which serves both the needs of nutrition and income for these people.

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