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Bill Gates To Invest $2 Billion In Climate Control

Microsoft founder Bill Gates apparently sees the fight against climate change not only as a mammoth task that affects everyone but also as an opportunity for new investments. In the coming years he, therefore, wants to invest billions in corresponding projects.

As Gates said in an interview with Handelsblatt, he intends to invest a total of around two billion dollars in projects and newly founded companies that are working to stop climate change over the next five years. Gates is still one of the richest people in the world, with more than $100 billion.

Gates calls for $ 110 billion annually for research

To avert a climate catastrophe, numerous innovations are needed, so Gates told the newspaper. It is not impossible to stop the lasting change in the global climate for the negative, but still very, very difficult, he added. In his new book, Gates demands, among other things, that mankind must strive to eliminate all CO2 emissions by 2050.

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In order to avert the impending climate catastrophe, there must be changes in the economy that should take place faster than ever before. This would include taxes on CO2 emissions, trading in certificates and massive investments in alternative energy sources such as solar energy and wind power.

Among other things, Gates called for governments around the world to quintuple investment in research into clean energy sources and other innovations over the next decade. Gates assumes that around 110 billion dollars would have to be raised annually to actually achieve the goals he mentioned.

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  1. To solve the climate change problem, I think Bill Gates should set up a $100M/yr “Gates Energy Systems R&D Center”. This would develop large automated systems that reduce climate change. I currently have 40 students working on R&D that reduces CO2 and a business plan for a Gates R&D center is the culmination of their work. Anyone is welcome to copy, modify, rename and use this plan in any way: ma2life.org/p/bp.pdf

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