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Bill Gates Under Radar For Having Affair With Microsoft Women

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is unlikely to give most outsiders the impression of being a philanderer. However, reports of its appearance not so long ago paint a slightly different picture.

In 2019, an investigation was conducted on Microsoft’s board of directors into “inappropriate” behavior by Gates, who was still a member of the board at the time. This emerges from a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, which cites informed circles. In the course of this, some members of the supervisory board are said to have demanded that Gates leave the institution. When he withdrew in 2020, this should have nothing to do with this process.

What is clear, however, is that you can receive emails from the group founder from 2007 to a Microsoft employee who Took offense. A Microsoft spokesman describes their content as “flirtatious”, but by no means as overtly sexualized. In any case, the news of the then-married supervisory board chairman Gates to a simple employee of the company was classified as inappropriate.

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The employee is said to be a different person than the Microsoft developer, with whom Gates is said to have had an affair around the same time. The relationship is said to have lasted for years. To what extent this matter ultimately led to the divorce of Melinda French Gates is unknown.

It seems clear, however, that Gates’ behavior preoccupied the company’s management team. In 2008, the then chief legal advisor Brad Smith (now President of the Group) and HR manager Lisa Brummel met with Gates. The founder of the group then promised to refrain from such behavior from now on.

There are different statements as to how exactly the veracity of the reports should be assessed. A spokesman for Gates said that the rumors were general false and heated-up rumors from sources that were not directly involved and that in some cases had significant conflicts of interest. In contrast, a Microsoft spokesman at least confirmed that the emails in question had existed.