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Bitcoin Dropped Down to $31,977 from $42,000

Bitcoin is again in the declining mode. It is assumed that it is because of possible threats to be controlled by the new US Government.

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Bitcoin continues to drip down from $42,000 to touch $31,977 as of Thursday this week. This is said to be the lowest rate in the past 10 days.

It is said rumours are spreading that this overlooked currency would soon be under the new US government’s administration. This threatens the market of cryptocurrency, and it is in the declining mode.

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency (or unreal currency) that came into existence in 2009 to replace paper currency slowly.

It is a fun fact that it has been over 12 years since its creation, and yet we are unfamiliar with the founders of this digital currency.

The currency is created using blockchain technology, which means that it has no physical form. It is mined (or produced) using technology and is to be used as a digital currency.

There are many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, including; Ethereum, Tether, Polkadot, XRP, Pi, etc.