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Train Traffic In China Stops Due To End Of Flash Player


The curious glitches at the end of Adobe Flash don’t stop. As has now become known, it hit the train traffic in the northern Chinese port city of Dalian. Since it was no longer possible to plan shunting plans and trips, the trains came to a standstill.

The train traffic was therefore idle for almost a whole day until those responsible were able to present a solution. This is reported by the online magazine Apple Daily. It must have been a big debacle for those responsible on site: Despite the end date for Adobe Flash that has now been known for almost four years, they had not yet got an alternative working for the China Railway Shenyang Group. It is said that the train traffic hit it out of the blue, apparently, no one had expected a problem. But when no more Flash content was displayed from January 12th, the railway company was faced with a major problem.

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Flash-based and therefore useless

At the China Railway Shenyang Group, many of the planning tools used to get trains from A to B are flash-based.

Train traffic had to be stopped

Accordingly, the chaos was great when Flash no longer displayed the required content. There was only one thing left for them – to stop train traffic completely and immediately to prevent disaster. According to reports, employees were unable to view the train’s operating diagrams, determine the train sequence and create shunting plans, which could have resulted in accidents.

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Auxiliary solution

The fact that the trains are now running again is basically thanks to Adobe. Because the China Railway Shenyang Group has now simply used an older Flash version as a fallback solution. In fact, a version so old that the end date on which support was discontinued had not yet been set. Hopefully, this is just an interim solution, because Adobe Flash was not discontinued for nothing – there were always security problems. Using an old version of Flash doesn’t sound like a particularly clever idea either.

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