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Bixby from Samsung can now mimic your voice while answering calls

The tech firm Samsung initially introduced Bixby Text Calling together with One UI 5.0. Both were introduced at Samsung’s developer conference in 2022. The company officially introduced the feature with the Galaxy S23 series and One UI 5.1. the feature enables the users to answer calls by typing a message.

You will be thinking how does it work? Well, when the phone rings, the users are presented with an option that asks them to type a message. You will be thinking that the message is sent to the caller as a text. A big No. The Bixby converts the typed message into a voice message. It is then sent to the caller on the other line. The company has released the details about the functioning of the new feature. The most interesting part about this new feature is that it can read out the typed message in the user’s voice.

It will work when a user record different sentences for Bixby. Bixby will then analyze and create an Ai-generated copy of the user’s voice and tone. In simple words, Bixby will mimic the voice of users to answer the calls. Presently, the feature is available in Korea only. However, speakers of the English language can use the text Bixby Text Calling feature to answer calls all around the world. Furthermore, the company intends to introduce this feature in even more languages. The company even plans to introduce the feature across other Samsung apps.

Besides this, the Bixby is getting new updates and features. It has the capacity to process follow-up requests. It works by creating an understanding of the context and linking words that were used in interaction in the past. Furthermore, the on-device computing functions are getting improved. It now enables the users to run key commands offline. For instance, users can set a timer, capture screenshots, or turn on the flashlight.

All these updates will be rolled out to the users via a software update in the following month.