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‘Compute Module’ Is a Strange New Feature Discovered in Apple Beta Code


Some interesting pieces of information are coming from the beta code of Apple. According to the latest information, an all-new compute module was identified in the Apple beta code. It could suggest the debut of new hardware.

The new device was identified in the iOS 16.4 developer disk image of Apple. It was fetched from the Xcode 16.4 beta, as per 9to5Mac. This information suggests that it could be based on an iOS or a subsequent version of it. According to the code, the company has reportedly two distinct compute modules under development. They were labeled as “ComputeModule13,1” and “ComputeModule13,3.”

As of now, nothing is known about the potential functionality of the module. Some speculations indicate that they are designed for the Apple silicon Mac Pro. It will be a possible solution for ensuring a modular interface. The modular interface could be used for switchable hardware components or adding extra compute power via different technologies like Swift Distributed Actors. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the compute models could be devised for the upcoming mixed-reality headset or something entirely new.

Just recently, the latest Bluetooth 5.3 fillings by Apple were unveiled. It is basically a step that is followed by the release of new products. For this reason, we can anticipate that the new computing model could be a sign that new Apple hardware is possibly on the skyline.

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