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Blue Whale Game Has a Connection With Knife Attacks in Karachi

Knife attack in Karachi has a connection with the Blue Whale game. There have been 16 arrests made yet as suspects for knife attacks, out of these two are Blue Whale game players.

Now the police arrested Waseem from Sahiwal as knife attack suspect but while he was in custody another attack occurred. The recent incident occurred to a girl named Areeba. She was going to her grandmother’s place along with her brother when the knife attacker, attacked her with the knife. It happened in Federal B. Area. Police are again starting an investigation to find out who this knife attacker is.

Two suspects were arrested from Gulistan-e-Johar, Fawad, and Ahsan. Fawad was somehow present around the area during all 12 attacks. His phone records and location data history proves that. As per sources in police both these suspects play Blue Whale game on a routine basis. This now makes the whole situation even more alarming. Is Blue Whale game the reason for the attacks? Moreover, these suspects are addicted to crystal meth and are somehow psychologically ill.

The Blue Whale game became the most dangerous game globally as many fell victim to it and ended committing suicide. The game spread its poison in India, Russia and then started it in Pakistan.

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The connection that seems apparent between the Blue Whale players and the knife attacker is that they both seem mentally sick. The suspects arrested, they being in the vicinity when the attacks occurred and being players of Blue Whale game is too much for a coincidence. While nothing is yet confirmed but it seems that the game led to these attacks and hopefully now the attackers are in custody.


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  1. you journalist ppl should have investigate before publishing any article or news.. you mention attacker fawwad, who is the resident of gulistan e jauhar since his birth, and was taken by agency on Firday 7th october midnight around 3:00 AM from his home. his family launch complain against police and agency due to illegal raid and minor custody at that time, afterwards they demanded family to pay 2.5 lakh ransom for release of minor Fawwad, in which family told that they unable to pay much ransom and then this setup build by police to defend their selves as family involve them in court. now police showed minor custody from south frere police station and showing that they arrested on 12th october during snap check from road, all this mess created by sindh police and still messing the matter just because they did one mistake now doing other and other mistakes to hide their in ability. BlueWhale!! are you serious ?? all this nonsense has been setup by karachi police to defend their superiors and juniors!! i know only one thing that whenever one could speak against them and their in justice they

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