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BlueStacks Now Supports Android 8 And 9


The developers of the Android emulator BlueStacks are currently working on supporting newer Android versions. So far, Android 7 was over, but in the new beta version, the newer versions Android 8 and 9 can now also be used.

The whole thing is currently still in the beta phase. The latest BlueStacks 5 beta update now brings support for Android 8 alias Oreo and Android 9 Pie, as well as an expanded game library.

With the new beta version, you can now bring Android games to your PC that were developed for the newer Android versions. It took a long time for the BlueStacks emulator to support newer Android versions, but the beta version is now finally available. Although it does not yet support Android 10 and 11, version 5 offers support for some important games, which many users had wished for.

BlueStacks 5.2 now available

BlueStacks is free. You can get the stable version from us in the WinFuture download area and linked at the end of this article. You can get the beta at BlueStacks directly on the website BlueStacks 5.2.

With the new version, you can also run Android 7 and Android 9 instances in parallel in a BlueStacks 5 client. However, if several instances are running at the same time, correspondingly more resources are required on the PC. You have to adjust this once in the instance manager, then there are no problems. The developers have collected tips on this on their support pages. Windows 11 will make it fundamentally easier to run Android apps on the PC, as Microsoft has announced that the operating system will offer native support for Android apps, which Could mean the end of Android emulators.