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Google Refreshes Android 12 Gboard

Gboard Android 12

With the customization of apps, Android 12 is getting more and more interesting. Because this way we understand Google’s integration of the new “Material You” design a little better. The beta shows what’s changing at Gboard. For example, the keyboard will react to your background image.

With beta 3 of Android 12, Gboard received support for Material You! This changed the design of the Google keyboard. Among other things, the keyboard app now supports the “dynamic color” function, which automatically adapts the design to your background image.

Another change can be seen in the new font used in Android 12. This is called “Google Sans”. In the following screenshot, I show you a comparison between the new Gboard for Android 12 and the current version for Android 11. The difference in the subject, of course, but also in the font is clearly visible. Especially when you look at the letters “Q” and “G”:

The other controls also stand out more on the new Gboard. Especially those that offer additional options at the touch of a button, such as the “? 123” key, the options arrow in the top bar of the keyboard, or the key for sending messages. I don’t think I’m making a mistake when I say that Gboard looks “more alive”.

As you may have noticed by now, the Google Keyboard doesn’t offer the same customization options on devices running Android 11 or lower, as it is an exclusive feature of Gboard on Android 12. Well, at least so far.