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BMW Announces Mass Production Of Electric Cars

BMW officials have made an announcement that they are preparing to produce electric cars in mass number by 2020. Also by 2025, the aim of the company is to launch 12 various models of BMW electric cars.

Initially, electric cars didn’t have a smooth start. The high price and restricted operating range were a put off for the customers. Tesla’s Model S in 2012 changed this situation. The car had a range of 200 miles in a single charge.

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Many environmental organizations and government sectors pressured car developers to build less environmentally damaging vehicles. Now BMW came into electric car market in the year 2013. The company has announced that it will mass produce electric cars till 2020.

BMW will develop 25 electric cars and 12of them will be fully-electric.

Companies have been hesitant to enter electric car market as it is still not beneficial from an investment perspective. Limitations for energy storage is its major shortfall. The batteries of electric cars are expensive as well as lack efficiency.  The high cost of electric cars is due to the expensive batteries.

Now if the investment is made in the battery area of electric cars it would help reduce their prices considerably. The goal of BMW is to reveal an electric car that reduces the gap between i3 city car and the i8 hybrid sports car.