China Is Developing Flying Trains

China’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation sector has made an announcement that it is building trains with the speed of 2500mph. As per the claim, the speed of the train will be ten times more than the fastest bullet trains currently present in the world.

As per deputy general manager at CASC, Liu Shiquan the trains will define the future of Railways in the world and we can easily call them “fly on the ground” trains.

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The usual time needed to reach from Beijing to Wuhan is five hours but these flying trains would take one in just half an hour.

On these plans The Paper wrote “The Corporation has built rich experience and accumulated technological know-how through major projects, and it has the capabilities in simulation, modeling, and experimentation for large-scale projects, as well as the world-class design capability for supersonic aircraft, all of which lay the important ground for the super-fast train project.”
CASC will have to collaborate will almost twenty different research institutes both domestic and international to accomplish the task. It is also believed that the new modern trains would bring competition for Elon Musk’s new Hyperloop technology.

The trains once developed would be transported to more than 60 countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

The point of concern here is that would human body be able to resist the fast acceleration produced by these innovative trains. Passenger safety remains an uneasy aspect of the train.