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Boeing And Elon Musk Competing for the Race to Mars

Big companies are always in for some kind of competition to beat their rivals be it Coke or Pepsi or Apple or Samsung or others. This time the competition is on again but between the Boeing and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. They both have challenged each other for a race to Mars.

Dennis Muilenburg—CEO Boeing—informed about the construction of a rocket that would reach Mars well before the competitor’s SpaceX.

SpaceX’s CEO—Elon Musk responded Boeing on the social media platform Twitter and challenged them to do it.

Muilenburg during an interview with CNBC claimed that they are engaged presently with the making of a next-generation rocket along with NASA customers called “Space Launch System”. He added that finally we would be reaching Mars and the first person to set foot on the planet would be getting there on Boeing’s rocket.

Boeing is the NASA’s primary dealer for staging the first phase of NASA’s Space Launch System made for taking the astronauts on deep-space missions via its novel aircraft—Orion.

Musk had previously claimed about the making of a colony on Mars and is also busy in the building of a reusable mega rocket Big Falcon.

Musk informed previously that taking people to Mars is among the many primary goals of the firm. And owing to this reason the SpaceX was started in the first place.

Boeing would be having its first test flight in 2019 by carrying out a mission somewhere around the moon.

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