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The top twitter hashtags for the year 2017 are here


Twitter shows that our newsfeed has been loaded with free chicken strips, presidents, and catastrophes. Twitter as of late shared its rundown of the best tweets, retreats, handles, famous people, world pioneers, live-streams, and more for the 2017 year in review. While the rundown has a couple of endearing tweets — like the person who got free chicken tenders for a year for getting three million re-tweets and Beyonce’s pregnancy declaration — tweets in the wake of fiascos and political tweets took up a major bit of the discourse on the web-based social networking stage in the course of the most recent year.

Beginning on that positive note — the most re-tweeted post of the year was from Carter Wilkerson after he asked Wendy’s what number of retweets he’d have to get the opportunity to win a time of free chicken strips. The fast-food chain said 18 million, however regardless they gave him the free “nuggs” for effort in the wake of surpassing 3.6 million.

The most liked tweet went to previous President Barack Obama’s tweet of a Nelson Mandela quote after the lethal protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Twitter went up against a great deal of criticism later in the year for giving the coordinator of that rally verified status). The tweet wasn’t only famous for 2017 — it turned into the most preferred tweet yet with more than 4.6 million likes and 1.7 million re-tweets.

Twitter gained massive popularity in the year 2017 because of these hashtags

Governmental issues likewise assumed a noteworthy part in the forum’s rundown of the main ten “activism hashtags,” with half of the rundown identified with U.S. President Donald Trump, who is additionally obviously the most tweeted government official given his inclination to utilize the stage more than past leaders. #Resist and #Resistance combined took the main space while supporters took the second spot for #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and the expression’s abbreviation. #ImpeachTrump and #TrumpTrain took the third and fourth spots while #NotMyPresident was number six. President Trump’s initiation was the most seen live-stream on Twitter this year, and in the stage’s whole history.

#BlackLivesMatter made the hashtag list for the second year, alongside #NoDAPL. In the mean time, #TakeAKnee and #BoycottNFL were the ninth and tenth most-utilized activism hashtags. While Twitter didn’t share numbers, #MeToo did not make the rundown, in spite of the fact that it is a tag with more than 1.8 million tweets that was simply part of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

The Miss Universe broadcast was the most tweeted hour of the year, while the ending of Super Bowl LI was the most tweeted moment. The 2017 Billboard Music Awards additionally had an extensive worldwide reaction, to some extent because of South Korean kid band BTS, which was likewise the stage’s most-tweeted superstar and most tweeted performer all around.

Game of Thrones was the stage’s U.S. Television program with the most tweets, while Stranger Things was the most tweeted for streaming TV. Wonder Woman was the best motion picture in light of tweet volume.

The year wasn’t all terrible for new highlights however — Twitter broke its standard and multiplied as far as possible for tweets, and furthermore launched the search tab.

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