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British Authorities Target Google And Apple As Duopoly

If you want to own a smartphone, you have to deal with services from Apple or Google in most cases. It has long been criticized that the two companies effectively form a duopoly. The British competition authority would like to take action against this.

Since Apple and Google provide the two most frequently used mobile operating systems iOS and Android and most apps are downloaded from the App Store and the Play Store, the two companies control the main access points in the smartphone market. For this reason, the British Competition and Markets Authority CMA would like to examine how much the duopoly restricts free competition.

CMA finds the situation worrying

In current investigations, the CMA has already encountered worrying trends. Apple and Google have almost complete control over the mobile ecosystems and not only have the iOS and Android operating systems, but also the respective stores and the pre-installed browsers Safari and Chrome. As a result, users have to use services from Apple and Google in order to be able to use their smartphones. This makes it more difficult for new providers to enter the market and leads to higher prices for end customers.

While the App Store guidelines, a search engine deal between Apple and Google, and Google’s privacy sandbox in the browser are already being scrutinized by the CMA, the competition authorities would like to broaden the scope of the new investigations. Developers have the option to submit feedback via a questionnaire. The aim is to carry out a market study that could serve as the basis for regulatory measures.