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Google Launches New Gmail Workspace For All

Gmail workspace

Google presented its new platform called Workspace last autumn, it is now starting for all users. If you want, you can now activate or deactivate the associated new start page look for Gmail. This has been announced by the search engine giant Google. Workspace is officially launched for consumers after corporate customers have already switched to the new function package. Above all, Workspace is a combination of many well-known functions that used to be known simply as the productivity software G Suite. Workspace contains Gmail, a word processing and spreadsheet program, and various chat tools and brings them all together in one start area.

Manually Change To Workspace

Google decided to disable the feature for the majority of users first. So the probability is high that you won’t see the new Gmail interface and its functions immediately but you can activate them now. On the other hand, anyone who doesn’t like the new workspace layout can of course switch back to the usual layout.

Activate In Gmail settings:

  • Open the Gmail web interface.
  • Select the gear icon to display the quick settings and then the option “Show all settings”.
  • Go to “Chat and Meet”.
  • To activate the new Gmail interface, next to Chat, select Google Chat and select Save Changes.
  • To turn off the new Gmail interface, switch to Off.
  • The new Gmail interface loads as soon as you click the “Save Changes” button on the page.

Chat, rooms, and meetings will then all be displayed in the sidebar below the mail folder. In addition to the integration of Google Chat, Google has improved the integration with Google Docs. If a link to a document appears in the chat or in an e-mail, it can now be opened directly. Since Google is currently still in the process of converting to the new workspace, it is currently possible that the docs are not yet opened in every case.

Further Features will follow

In addition, another change will be introduced in the coming weeks: The Rooms service will then become “Space”. In addition, there are also new functions that are intended to enable improved collaboration. Gmail users who do not want to use the new interface can leave it switched off for the time being or deactivate it again. It is not known whether or when Google plans to no longer allow the switch to the old Gmail.