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British People Would Be Able To Remove Their Online Past

According to new European data regulations, the government is seeking to submit proposals which would let Britons delete the information posted online on social platforms like Facebook, including the content they have published when they were young.

Digital minister Matt Hancock said it on Monday, the individuals will have more control over their content “the right to be forgotten” and can ask for their personal data to be removed—According to Reuters.

Under the new data laws and reforms the companies will have to ask permissions from the users rather than just relying on preselected tick boxes which are overlooked at large, he added.

The new rules are established to get in line with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the GDPR enforces the tight measures on personal data protection and extends its scope further, however, and the GDPR is going to be enforced with effect from May 2018.

UK government is perusing these measures actively because the experts and lawyers say that the country has to remain compatible with EU laws even after leaving the European Union in 2019, this is important to ensure smooth data traffic which is essential for international business growth, e-commerce and UK services which have a great impact on UK’s digital economy.

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Hancock said the new set of rules would provide Britain with a robust and dynamic set of data laws in the world, it will require more consent from individuals and provide them with more control over their personal data.

He also warned trespassers in this regard and said Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) would be regulating data protection with the power to charge fines up to 17 million pounds or 4% of global revenues if someone breaches data protection laws after implementation.