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Mozilla Will Launch Virtual Reality WebVR version of Firefox Soon

Mozilla is actively participating in rapid tech changes and updates from the beginning of the year, Mozilla bought Pocket previously in Feb to get hands on 10 million mobile users, now what to do with these users? Mozilla’s unfolding chronicle tells us clearly,

In a previous blog post, we have seen that Mozilla announced an update to its browser and added tools to send files up to 1GB to other users on the internet, Mozilla also plans to expand it to 2GB in the later updates. A game changer for users who can share movies and videos online using a link.

But now something more interesting is going to happen, as Mozilla plans to equip Firefox with virtual reality for the web, the company has announced recently.

According to Cnet, the company faced debacle back in 2014 when their initial WebVR concept was outperformed by Google Chrome WebVR support, Microsoft’s Edge also sliced down Firefox in this category leaving the Mozilla’s tool behind.

Firefox has now focused more on the WebVR feature, it is a big platform feature joining Firefox 55, according to the Firefox release calendar.

After this update, Firefox users with VR headset would be able to experience VR content on the web including some exciting demos.

Besides the old users, Firefox is being buried into Chrome’s popularity in the recent years, people are more inclined towards Chrome than any other web browser and Firefox is now fighting back to reclaim its position in the market, the new Firefox 57 due to arrive in Nov might culminate its previous position.

There is a gap in VR support, Some VR headsets do not support WebVR, similarly, some browsers do not support all devices, this creates the array of opportunities which could be exploited by famous browsers like Mozilla.

Mozilla is keeping high hopes with its VR landscape, the company’s senior vice president Sean White has decades of experience in VR technology brings new hopes for the company to redefine its competitive strategy.

According to Cnet, CEO and Vice President both think that VR could be eclipsed by augmented reality. VR immerses you in fully computerized worlds of VR, but AR overlays computer-generated imagery atop the real world.

VR will beget AR pretty quickly as a mass-market opportunity,” Beard said. “Browsers play a very meaningful role.”