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Buy Every Household Item In Only $3 Through The Startup “Brandless”

Not brand conscious? Never bargained in shopping?

Well, you are at the right place then. There is this startup that sells everything to customers at a uniform price that is $3. From olive oil to shampoos everything will be sold to the users in just $3.

The name of this new Startup, justifies it work, that is “Brandless”. The target audience of this brandless isn’t limited to certain class. It’s all the people who don’t believe in “class” & “status”. They provide you will all items from food to normal household goods. The idea of this brand is quite unique, to provide those products that we need on daily basis at an affordable price.

Also, this idea minimizes stress and tension to bargain about a thing, to look at a price of an item and feel that it’s better not to buy it. What is left for customers is just to think what they want and at what quantity? Rest of the thoughts are taken away from you making life easy and simple.

The question is why every item is sold at $3. As per the founders, they found it as a neutral point between the value of the product and its quantity. The price is low compared to market price because the Brand Tax is not part of the price. Just because a product is branded, buyers won’t need to pay more for it.

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Cheaper items are sent in bundles which compensate the fixed price for all products. There are no multiple choices for the customers, everything is at $3 and they don’t have any options or alternate making their and sellers life quite easy.

Everyone is moving in a more brand oriented direction, in this race, a brand naming itself brandless and moving in an opposite path is quite a refreshing change in the market.