Uber Pakistan Makes Fun Of Careem’s “Rishta Aunty Service”

Careem is globally known as a ride hailing service but in Pakistan, it has become famous for something else in the past few days.

The App was providing Rishta service in Pakistan as the Facebook post on  Careem’s rishta  was this “Bar kar forever alone ka naara ab status ‘taken’ ho ga tumhara!. As per Careem management, they are offering a Halal way for individuals to find their lifelong partner.

So how will you find your Rishta through Careem?

Through a Rishta Wali Aunty

Enroute to your destination you will be accompanied by an aunty who would take your full interview, ask for your pictures and number and know about your preferences to get the perfect groom or bride.

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The service was offered for two days in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad. Uber, the biggest competitor of Careem in Pakistan, got a laugh as well as the tweet goes…


Other hilarious reactions to this service are these..