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Calendar SMS Notifications to be Removed by Google in 2019

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The Calendar application of Google would be removing one of its most significant features at the start of 2019. It was announced yesterday by Google. The SMS notifications option would be removed completely from the app’s platform.

The main reason why Google decided to take this step is that the Calendar has already got the in-app notifications. Users would still be notified, no matter whether their phone or gadget is connected or not. Users would not be required to make any kind of changes in their Calendar applications in case they are receiving the alerts via SMS. They would be replaced with the in-app and email alerts automatically.

No matter which phone is being used by the user either iPhone or Android, they would be seeing the new notifications as event alerts if the users would have the Calendar app installed. They would also be sent an email if they have installed SMS notifications for the new events.

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Furthermore, Google said that it would be updating the Google Calendar API for reflecting the change. It could be said that generally, it is disappointing that Google is condemning the SMS notification option as many people were relying so much on that option for their calendar reminders.

All the users are advised to be ready as Google would stop sending SMS alerts for Google Calendar events from the 7th of January 2019.

The decision definitely would be affecting many users who particular rely a lot on this feature, however, at least Google has presented some decent alternate options.

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