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Window cleaning drone developed in Latvia

A huge drone is developed in Latvia which can clean buildings and windows 20 times faster, the drone can also be used in firefighting from 100km away.

In Latvia, a huge drone has been developed which weighs 55 kilos (121lbs), the drone is 3 meters wide. Aerones drone has been developed specifically focusing on the tasks that are performed from outside the building maintaining some height. The drone can reach higher than the fire engine ladders to put of the fire in tall buildings.

The company is hoping to unlock more features of the drone with the new 5G technology, Davis Krastins at Aerones said that with 5G we will have better connectivity and faster processing and streaming, with 5G we will be able to see everything real-time without any interruption from a long distance, the officers can sit in their offices and operate the drone remotely to perform the tasks like firefighting or building and window washing.

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But currently, the 5G networks and legislation related to drones are still out of sight, the company hopes to see these drones operational in the near future.

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