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California Net Neutrality Fails The Third Time

One of the Trump administration’s disastrous decisions was to approve net neutrality at the federal level. California, therefore, took matters into its own hands and proposed the equal treatment of data itself. But the providers didn’t like that. So the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sued the state of California, and they did so several times.

They wanted to overthrow California’s net neutrality, but failed time and again, despite massive lobbying efforts. After a series of defeats, the representatives of the broadband industry have now seen their failure and are giving up the fight against the law. if Ars Technica reports, the four broadband lobby groups that have sued California have testified in court that they “agree without prejudice to the dismissal of this lawsuit.”

Sued 3 times, and failed

This is a huge victory for net neutrality advocates against the broadband industry. This wanted to demand extra money for preferential treatment of services and companies with a relaxed or abolished obligation to treat data equally. But nothing comes of that now. “After three defeats in federal court, ISPs have finally realized they can’t overturn California’s net neutrality law and should just give it up,” writes Barbara van Schewick, a law professor at Stanford University.

She called the decision, or the end of the ISP’s efforts, “a historic victory for Californians and the open internet.” The withdrawal of the provider lobbyists is also surprising because they have decided not to appear before the US Supreme Court. Apparently, the case was so hopeless that a Supreme Court hearing would have been hopeless and only expensive.

Nicole Craig

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