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Ryzen 5000 C-Series: AMD Doubles Core Figures in Chromebooks

Chromebooks will soon no longer be just the cheap machines with relatively poor performance. AMD is now equipping the systems with chips that directly double the previous maximum in core numbers. The company is launching the corresponding CPUs as the Ryzen 5000 C series. While the new Zen 4 architecture is already in the starting blocks, these processors are provisionally equipped with Zen 3 designs.

The top model will be equipped with eight cores, which have never been found in a Chromebook before. Anyone who relies on the Google platform and wants more performance than before probably won’t have to wait too long either. Both HP and Acer have already stated that they have developed devices based on the new CPUs and will launch them soon. However, there are no exact dates from either manufacturer.

More power

The Ryzen 5000 C Series ranges from the two-core Ryzen 3 5125C with a maximum clock frequency of 3 gigahertz to the aforementioned eight-core Ryzen 7 5825C, which operates with a base clock of 2 gigahertz and can go up to 4.5 GHz if needed. In terms of performance, the CPUs should be on par with the fairly similar Ryzen 5000 U series used for compact Windows notebooks.

The chips certainly won’t impress anyone out and about with a high-end gaming or content notebook. However, users who value Chromebooks for mobile office work or in the education sector will see significantly better multitasking performance than before. And the new chips should also deliver noticeable benefits when rendering websites and using browsers with lots of open tabs.

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