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You can now Build Robots Easily With MIT’s Tool

Building Robots were never easier before until a team from MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed a tool which allow beginners to design the machines or Robots.

In order to build Robots, you need specific robotics education and training as well as highly sophisticated working tools, if you don’t have that you can just cook the stories in your mind and not be able to take it further to implementation.

Not now though, a researcher’s team from MIT’s Lab has developed an interactive Robogami system which makes it possible to rack up a robot design in few minutes and put it together in an hour or two.

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Users can start the process by mix and match the parts from a catalogue on the computer which also includes the Robots body and its means of locomotion. The researchers built the system keeping zero-experience in mind so it will allow the users with no prior experience to easily design their desired robots. The program will simulate the design’s movements on the screen to show how it works, if there is a problem in design it will indicate the problem areas and make suggestions.

Once the blueprint is completed, the next step is 3D-printing of Robot parts as flat or foldable components—The researchers named the system Robogami which is inspired by the art of paper folding or Origami. Users will fold the components and connect their joints to conjure up the whole machine. The print-and-fold method basically reduces the material and printing time by 70% and 73% respectively.

During the tests by the team, 3 to 7 hours were required to print all the components for each Robot, inherently the whole process didn’t take much time from beginning to finishing. The team also conducted tests on various users, with literally 20 minutes of training the users were able to design robotic cars within 15 minutes and get their creations assembled within an hour or so.

The team co-leader Cynthia Sung said, “The system is reducing the barrier to having everyone design their own Robots.”

The team believes that the Interactive Robogami could offer people the power to create robots on demand based on the task they need help with, the system can also allow large-scale production of customized machines.