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You can now get a Samsung Galaxy S7 Refurbished Certified phone for $340.00

On Amazon Samsung Galaxy S7 is being sold under certified refurbished tag by various sellers, the price of brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 is around $490 to $500 on Amazon, which makes it a real deal for some.

Amazon selling Galaxy S7 devices are Refurbished and Certified by Amazon which also comes with the warranty.

What is refurbished

You might think that refurbished phones may not work as brand new ones, but it’s not like that, the only problem with refurbished phones is that at the time of manufacturing or shipping they might be a victim of minor wear & tear or have some technical fault due to assembling.

These phones are then sent back to the company and get rectified by the company, which makes it refurbished, but in terms of usage they are perfectly fine and comes with warranty, the only thing that the company is not allowed to sell these types of products as brand new and under the brand new price tag by law and the companies must have to mention that it is refurbished.

Refurbish label automatically reduces its demand because many people will not buy it, hence the price is also reduced significantly to sell them out quickly.

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I personally have used refurbished iPhone 4 for years and I never felt that it was refurbished or had some problem.

If you are interested you can hurry up to grab the deal which may end soon, when a lot of refurbished ones finishes.

The phone is equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM with 12 MP rear and 5MP front camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 5.1-inches Quad HD Super AMOLED display.