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Mobile Users Globally To Surpass 4.3 Billion In 2017—UN Report

By the end of 2017, it is expected that mobile broadband subscriptions will reach 4.3 billion around the world. This was reported by United Nations telecommunications agency. International Telecommunication Union data also proves that 48% of the global population now has access to the internet and they use it. Out of which 71% is the youth of age 15-24. ITU’s ICT Facts and Figures 2017 points that an effort is being made to further expand the internet through the availability of broadband networks.

ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao emphasized the importance of digital connectivity by saying how it plays an important part in improving lives as it open gates towards exceptional knowledge, employment and economic opportunities for people around the world.

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There are 830 million youngsters online. 320 million are from China and India that accounts for 39% as per the report.  In the least developed nations, individuals using the internet are 35% of the age 15-24, in comparison to 13% youngsters in developed nations and 23% around the world.

94% of youth in developed nations has access to the internet in comparison to 77% in developing countries and 30% in the least developed countries.

Mobile broadband subscription has increased by 20% in each of the past five years and in these five years, LCDS have seen the maximum growth rate in terms of mobile broadband subscriptions.

Also, fixed-broadband subscriptions have also grown by 9% per year of which credit can be given to China. China is responsible for 80% of all fixed-broadband subscriptions at 10 Mbit/s or above especially in developing nations.

The prices for Mobile broadband also decreased from 2013-2016. This made mobile broadband more affordable compared to fixed broadband. Talking about the internet, the gender gap on Internet has narrowed, men are still a bit more than women but it is a slight difference. In America, women using the internet are more than men. ICTS has played a major role in the economic and social growth and reduced digital divide.