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How Can You Protect Your System From A Cyber-Attack?

Cyber crime is increasing day by day. It is not a single individual’s or a company’s problem anymore. It has become a global disease. The recent Wannacry cyber-attack took nations by surprise. The news of more such terrible attacks underway has created panic amongst the public. It is being rumored that the upcoming attack won’t even demand ransom, they would add virus on systems to mine virtual currency. The victim would suffer, he would aid hacker in getting money and most likely he won’t even realize it.

So what can we do in these terrible times? What is the least protection we should take?

  1. Take the problem of cyber-attack seriously:

Cyber-attack is not an alien problem which would never infect you or your system. The speed with which hackers are gaining access to our computers, it’s not long before it will reach you. Be ready.

  1. Avoid clicking on links:

The link looks appealing? The title is intriguing? You really want to open the link?
Hold on a second? The link might lead a virus straight in to your computer. Think before you act.

  1. Never open emails from a stranger:

Again, an email from a person you don’t know makes you curious. You want to read it. Chances are the email is a fake. If you open it your system might get compromised. So yes think again before you make a rash decision.

  1. Never download attachments from unknown people:

Downloading attachments or in this case almost any unknown file can infect a virus in your laptop or PC. It is better to only download files that are important.

  1. Antivirus & firewall software:

The best way to protect your data is by using antivirus and firewall software. Avast antivirus or AVG Free are couple options for the people.

If you can’t fight the hackers, at least build walls around to defend your system.

  1. Software update:

Get the right update for your Windows. Microsoft has released updates that can fight the virus if necessary.

  1. Use hard drives for storing sensitive data:

Buy a hard drive and store your sensitive data on it. Keep your computers free of any information that can inflict harm to you in future.

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What to do if you feel your computer has been affected by a virus?

Leave it! The more you will use it, the more access you will give to the hacker. Isolate yourself from your system as soon as you realize it has been affected.

You can spread the virus to other computers if you are not careful enough.


History has seen two big wars, World War I and World War II. We won’t accept it, or realize it at the moment but we are in the middle of World War III. No physical weapons or artillery. No armies.

The war is a digital war. It is an invisible cold war. All your information is vulnerable. This fight has gone above just hacking systems. It is now about hacking you, using you to mine digital money. You might be sleeping in this battle all along, or you can wake up and get prepared.



Nicole Craig

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