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UK Retains Its Position As The Global Leader In Wind Technology

The position of being the global leader in wind technology is retained by UK. The biggest and most powerful wind turbines around the world are installed in UK. Now recently 32 turbines are installed by a company called Danish company Dong Energy in Liverpool Bay. The company states that these turbines are higher than Gherkin skyscraper which is 180m high. The blades are claimed to be longer than nine buses in London.

The height and energy capacity of these turbines make them stand out. These unique features have ensured that UK sustains its position as the global leader in wind technology.

To be exact these turbines are 195m tall and have a capacity of 8MW. This is the first time that turbines with such qualities are being used commercially. So the company also feels that they have set a standard for others to follow.

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The position UK holds has strengthened. The country has installed more offshore turbines than any other nation. It has generated ample electricity that can supply power to almost 4.3m homes. There are around eight more projects that are underway which would double this statistic. The aim of Dong Energy Company is to create turbine with the energy capacity of 13MW or 15MW. If they would be able to construct such powerful turbines it would be a huge achievement. The only point where the company faces criticism is that Dong does not construct most of its parts in Britain. As per Dong around half the blades are UK built.

Image via: Evwind


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