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Careem introduces bike service after book a book feature

As Careem is becoming more and more popular in Pakistan the company is not just focused on making money and raising rates by introducing “peak factor”. Although, Careem has reduced the peak factor now and you may not experience this during the weekends.

Careem has recently introduced book a book feature which enables book reading culture in the country, a very thoughtful and highly appreciable feature which not only encourage book reading culture but also knowledge sharing among the society.

Careem new Bike service

Yet another cracking feature for the commuters, who are worried about traffic and have to reach their destination on time. Now you can book a bike ride with Careem which will cost you a lot less than normal car ride and save your valuable time.

This service is quite handy if you have a lot of home chores pending, you book a ride and finish your desired tasks of the day.

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