Depression of Unemployment leading to Suicide of a Pakistani Ex-NUSTIAN Engineer

Cancer is a dangerous disease. A heart attack can kill. Kidney failure is deadly. What about depression? No, depression is not considered a disease. It’s a temporary feeling. So you are depressed, your girlfriend must have left you? Or maybe because you are so weak that is why you are depressed, be strong!

When will we start treating depression as a disease and stop taking it unworthy of attention? When our youngsters start committing suicide?

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Recently another young Pakistani committed suicide and no not because of love issues. He committed suicide because of unemployment. He studied from NUST and had a good GPA throughout his educational career but failure to get a job led him to commit suicide.

Similar alarming stories have come from other reputable institutions of Pakistan including LUMS.

So you graduate from the leading institutions in Pakistan with reasonable grades, you do not get employment despite good records, you are depressed, you are being put down by those closest to you, but no you are not ill. You are weak. You are unemployed because you have faults, not the system.

It is true we cannot justify suicide but we need to understand the cause of it. It is important so that we can treat those who are standing on the cliff ready to become the next Aizaz Ali. They are standing there because society failed them. Their depression wasn’t treated like cancer because it was not a physical disease, it was a mental sickness.

Darakhshan Anjum

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