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Careem Promo Codes are now in your inbox notification center

Are you the person who is always looking for Careem promo codes to get a better deal for your planned ride? Then this update would take you into a frenzy.

Careem has proudly launched its new feature, in-app messages a notification center where all app users can easily access messages from their app right in their inbox.

Careem claims that it has developed this feature to keep users updated with the latest news, educational messages and full of promo codes that they are probably looking for.

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Now you don’t need to roam around and ask people for promo codes, Careem will directly send them to your inbox from time to time, all you need to do is keep checking your notification center and stay updated with the messages Careem sends you.

Careem is rolling out the feature to all users over the next two weeks, you may not be able to see the notification center in your app right now but you will surely get it in a week or two.

Whenever you get a new message in your inbox it will be highlighted with red notification icon so you know you have a new message waiting to be read. Keep in touch and don’t miss your notifications which can give you a deal or the day or deal of the week.