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iPhone 8 cell phone are cracking up and nobody knows why

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One of Apple’s three 2017 flagship cell phone is causing issues this early at its launch.

In the wake of being divulged at the Apple Keynote occasion on September 12, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus arrived in Apple stores far and wide, seven days after the fact and some people who placed orders early have just got their hands on them. In any case, turns out things are going that well for them.

Are we looking at an Apple cell phone debacle similar to Samsung?

Taiwanese and Chinese media have detailed that a lady’s 64GB rose gold iPhone 8 Plus cracked open mid-charge. Subsequent to putting the Apple phone on charging, utilizing the cable and connector that accompanied it, the phone’s screen started to swell inside three minutes and afterward totally isolated from whatever remains of the body. The issue happened under five days after she obtained the cell phone and has now been dispatched to Apple for investigation.

Be that as it may, this lady wasn’t the just a single to approach. A similar iPhone 8 Plus protestation was documented by a Japanese individual who said his cell phone arrived with the screen plainly disconnected from the body.

A fascinating thing to note here is that the iPhone 8 Plus makes use of a battery manufacturer by a similar organization who gave batteries to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. No doubt, that exploding phones. The one which continued blasting into flares and after that Samsung needed to end it. It was a big product recall.

Notwithstanding, it ought to be remembered that these are only two reports and don’t really mean all iPhone 8 Plus phones will crack open. In any case, Apple is yet to issue an official explanation on these cases.

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