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Car’s Ultimate Lighting McQueen is now off the screens and is now a reality – Thanks to Pixar and Sphero

Have you watched Cars animated movie by Pixar? You must have fallen in love with the cars. And to share this love, Sphero brings you the Ultimate Lighting McQueen, in real.

Cars by Pixar is a super hit since its first roll out. And now we have 3 movies in the series. After becoming way more popular, the need to share cars’ love got super hyped. And this is when Spero thought of its animatronic toy car.

Spero’s Ultimate Lighting McQueen is a breakthrough for toy manufacturers. And especially when it comes to movie characters. This animatronic toy car can talk, feel (not literally), and move.

The car is designed by Sphero in collaboration with Disney’s Imagineers. They made the car so real that it can tilt itself when touched or when taking a turn just the way Ultimate Lighting McQueen does.

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The front fender of the animatronic toy car has the best part; McQueen’s animated mouth. The mouth is durable rubber which moves when McQueen throws out words. And the sound is darn close to the voice behind the character in the animated movie; Owen Wilson.

The car is synched to Sphero’s app. McQueen would speak statements when transferred from the app through a built-in Bluetooth system. Not to forget that the car could move its eyes showing its emotions.

Ultimate Lighting McQueen has more to offer. But you need to grab it. The animatronic toy car is a bit costly than your normal toys (well, quite expensive). Sphero’s Ultimate Lighting McQueen comes at a cost of $299 (PKR 30,000/-) but it’s worth it.

Order the car and enjoy the play in real.

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Check out Ultimate Lighting McQueen, in real

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