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Facebook Sign Deals With Media Groups For Original Video Service

Facebook has made contracts with various media groups to create programs for its forthcoming video service. These entertainment and news groups include BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Group Nine Media ATTN, and similar more.

These videos that will soon start appearing on Facebook will be of long duration as well as short duration. Moreover they would have ad breaks, as per various sources acquainted with this situation.

So what Facebook is coming with for its users, is two types of video entertainments. One, which it will own and will be about 20 to 30 minutes long. Two, videos Facebook won’t own, which would be both scripted and non-scripted. They will be of shorter duration, around 5 to 10 minutes. The sources want to keep themselves unidentified because this deal is private and confidential yet.

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This new step by Facebook would enable them to obtain original content, appeal more advertising companies and offer something new to its users.

As per Mark Zuckerberg the Chief Executive of Facebook this step is to “anchor content” and ensure that more and more people use the video tab available on Facebook.

It is being heard that for the long duration scripted shows, Facebook would pay $250,000 and for the shorter duration shows the payment is $10,000 to $35,000 for every show. In it the creator is also given 55% of the profit obtained through ads.

It was in December last year that Facebook revealed they are planning to bring shows for the video service. Now we see that contracts are being made and deals are being signed. It looks Facebook now wants to collaborate with news and entertainment media to bring out a new set of videos for the people. It has created curiosity not just in the users but also in the advertisers, who wants to see their ad in the video service initiated by Facebook.