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CES 2021: Sony Provides PS5 And PC Games Release Timeline


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) taking place this week had hardly any relation to gaming, but in Corona times, all rules of the industry are overridden. Specifically, this means that Sony is also devoting itself to the PS5 and even PC games at CES.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas traditionally gives the kick-off shot for the electronics industry of the year, but in times of Corona, this trade fair also has to switch to a virtual event. This means that the manufacturers not only vie for the attention of the trade visitors on site but also take the time to take a general look at their plans.

Outlook on the PS5 plans

In the case of Sony, this means one thing above all else: gaming. And so the Japanese company has also announced or updated the release window for numerous PlayStation 5 titles. However, that was far from a presentation based on the model of a gaming fair like the E3. Because the “announcement” of Sony was carried out practically in passing. That means: In his “Digital Press Event Video” on the occasion of CES 2021 a short part about PS5 could be seen via Kotaku.

That wasn’t particularly revealing in itself, but there was a brief overlay stating the release times and windows. Some things were already known, but some information is new:

  • Returnal – March 19, 2021
  • Pragmata – 2023 (also PC)
  • Solar Ash – June 2021 (also PC)
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits – March 2021 (also PC)
  • Stray – October 2021 (also PC)
  • GhostWire: Tokyo – October 2021 (also PC)
  • Little Devil Inside – July 2021 (also PC)
  • Project Athia – January 2022 (also PC)
  • Hitman 3 – January 2021 (also PC)
  • Horizon: Forbidden West – 2021

It is also interesting that, according to PCGamesN, most of the games mentioned are also published for the PC. The Japanese do not necessarily hang on to that, but the PC is being used more and more as a platform.