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Intel Hybrid 12th Core Generation To Be Launched 2021

Intel 12th generation

Intel has all sorts of problems, especially AMD, but at CES 2021 it was confident about its CPU plans. Among other things, an outlook was given to the new processors in which Intel wants to combine “large” and “small” computing cores.

With the “Alder Lake” family, Intel announced the long-awaited next hybrid SoC from its production for the first time. From the second half of 2020, Intel plans to offer new chips with “Alder Lake”, which offer a range of high-performance cores with a group of energy-saving cores on a die.

Hybrid CPUs are no longer just in mobile devices

In the future, Intel will also rely even more strongly on the concept of combining energy-saving and high-performance cores, which has been used in the ARM world for a long time and is called “big.LITTLE” there. As far as the production of the new Intel chips is concerned, they want to rely on a further improved 10-nanometer process, which supposedly also offers advantages in terms of speed and energy efficiency.

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By combining the energy-efficient low-end cores for simple tasks and low system load and the strong, high-end cores intended for demanding tasks on one chip, Intel wants to keep up with the growing competition from the ARM camp, among other things.

In contrast to the “Lakefield” SoCs, which have hardly been used up to now and which also already follow the concept described above, “Alder Lake” no longer only wants to target mobile devices. Rather, desktop PCs are to be reinforced in the future and more powerful notebooks with such processors are to come along.

The 12th generation Intel Core processors – “Alder Lake” is no different – then use the so-called “Golden Lake” high-end cores and the new “Gracemont” energy-saving cores. Intel’s timing is remarkable, as they basically want to adopt the concept preferred by Apple and the other providers of ARM-based chips.

What kind of chips we will see from the second half of the year onwards became apparent in benchmark leaks recently. An “Alder Lake” chip with a total of 16 computing cores, which is intended for the consumer market, has already appeared.

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As part of the presentation at CES, a first prototype system based on a prototype mainboard and processor from the “Alder Lake” series could also be seen in action in Intel’s pre-recorded video. Apparently, Intel’s boxed cooler was in use. Obviously, they wanted to make it clear that Intel already had working chips.

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