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Cheap Google Chromecast gets closer to launch

The Internet company Google is about to introduce a new, probably cheaper Chromecast model. The device first appeared a few months ago, and according to retail sources, the launch is imminent. When a few months ago, in June 2022 to be precise, a new device from Google made its way to the US communications regulator FCC, it naturally caught the eye of attentive observers. There was talk of a wireless device that should be connected to a television and controlled by remote control.

New HD streaming dongle

From this, it was easy to deduce that it would probably be a Chromecast, especially since the FCC documents also mentioned that the device would offer video streaming with 1080p resolution at 60 Hertz. The dealer information now available to us confirms that we are actually dealing with a “Streaming Media Player” in the product referred to by the FCC as “Google G454V”.

Since the device is now appearing at the first dealers, the market launch is probably imminent, so the presentation should probably take place within the next few weeks. We can also already say something about the price: around 40 euros will be due for the new Chromecast, which makes it obvious that it is positioned below the other current Chromecast models.

Together with the information on the resolution, it becomes clear in view of the price that Google actually wants to offer a cheaper streaming dongle that will be more affordable due to its lower performance. In return, of course, you have to live with the fact that the device does not support the same high 4K resolution that the Google Chromecast offers with Google TV. The new, cheaper Chromecast succeeds the last 3rd generation model that was released in 2018.

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