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Google TV finally integrates personalized profiles

Google TV users have been eagerly awaiting app updates for months. This has now been done, as Smart TVs and connected devices now respond more intelligently and suggest programs tailored to individual preferences. Essentially, this upgrade allows for multiple profiles. A feature that should appeal to large families or those with shared accommodation.

Finally, the news is here update for Google TV For the record, previous interface recommendations for TVs and connected devices did not allow for multiple profiles. For example, parents were forced to deal with the viewing behavior of their children. Thanks to the new version, parents, and roommates finally have programs that suit them. With this free update you can: create multiple profiles with the ability to switch from one profile to another. This new feature was originally planned for November of last year, but the company missed the schedule and pushed it back. Google gave no information about this delay.

Google TV gets a makeover and integrates personalized profiles

Announced with much fanfare as the successor to Android TV, Google TV has been eagerly anticipated. Among the features revealed, there were especially clever suggestions. Provided everything works as it should, these suggestions will help you discover programs you probably didn’t know existed. What users didn’t like was not the quality of the recommendations, but rather the inability to have more than one account.

The platform has decided to take the bull by the horns by setting up an update that will benefit from personalized profiles. With these new features, you no longer have to scroll endlessly to manually search for a movie or series that interests you. So if you use Google TV together, you now benefit from personalized profiles for a better viewing experience. With these profiles, you receive suggestions based on your last views. Before these new options took effect, the platform had already added profiles reserved for children. Google joins Netflix and Disney Plus, which provide different profiles to all users.