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Check Out Microsoft Surface Duo Live Images and Video

Surface Duo

Microsoft has been working on Surface Duo a dual-screen foldable mobile phone come tablet, some people also call it a Phablet. It was reported earlier in October that Microsoft is actively working on a new foldable smartphone which is the next Microsoft’s big thing to see. Surface Duo is Android-powered foldable smartphone come tablet which will operate similar to Android smartphones and tablets.

However, there is a difference; the phone is dual-screen which folds horizontally at 180 degrees unlike Galaxy Fold, or Moto Razr. The phone can be used as a smartphone when a single screen is in use and as a tablet when dual-screen is operating.

Today we got more leaks about the device; we got live images and hands-on the device in a video leaked on YouTube.

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The device’s publicly appeared on Sky Train in Vancouver Canada, the person using the phone could be a Microsoft employee or a third-party developer using the device on the go, testing it or checking the performance and features of the device.

The user operates the device casually; flipped one display behind the other, this user also offers a glimpse at gaming. The device is a 5.6-inch display with a less traditional aspect ratio. Microsoft is majorly targeting business people with this device so the gaming aspect is not quite relevant here. You cannot see any cameras residing outside the Surface Duo, however, the company is likely to give an interior selfie camera the job when the flip is turned around. The white-color hole in the display is still a mystery, it could likely be an LED flash.

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