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Windows 7 Shutdown Bug Will Prevent You From Shutting Down The System

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It was reported earlier that Windows will end the support for Windows 7 on January 15, the company was supposed to dump it completely, however, it seems Microsoft is not completely letting it go as millions of devices are still powered by Windows 7 especially in developing countries.

Yesterday on Microsoft Forums, the issue was raised, the computers running on Windows 7 frequently refuse to shut down or reboot, the error message comes up on the screen reads, “You do not have permission to shut down this computer.”

However, the issue was fixed outside the official patch release or any bug fixes, some users said they ran the Group Policy Editor from the command interface to force permissions to fix this issue, however, this is not a permanent fix, users that are not good with the technicalities may face problems.

Some users argue that by disabling some Adobe update services the issue can be fixed, but it is not clear that the fix is reliable or its Adobe services that are creating the issue. A Microsoft’s spokesperson was contacted later regarding issues, he said, “We are investigating the flaw and will update after it’s completed.”

Currently, it’s not clear that the bug originates from Windows 7 or third-party programs are causing this issue, if it turns out to be Microsoft’s fault then this would be the third major bug issue from Microsoft in the last 40 days. The company had to fix Windows 10 search bar bug and some other bugs last month which surfaced soon after the company released an update for Windows 10. Earlier, the company was blamed for not protecting users around the world, NSA found a vulnerability in Windows 10 which could be used by hackers to install viruses on the system without even knowing it.

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