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Check these 6 Cool Android Features by Google

Google is rolling out some new features for Android users. Here we have a list of 6 cool new features.

Google New Features for Android Users

Google has announced six new features for Android devices. This time the company didn’t just release these features for its own flagship but all Android devices.

On the top of the list, we have this Android Earthquake Alerts System. This system will alert Android users seconds before an earthquake hits. While this update for all, the company started rolling out this update with New Zealand and Greece and is now heading towards Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Next in the line is a new feature to star a message so that you could tack important messages with convenience. This feature is for the Messages app. To give a star to a message, tap that message, hold on to the message, and then pick the star. There will also be a feature with a special category. This category will keep all your starred messages. This feature is yet to be rolled out.

Third in the line is the Contextual Emoji Kitchen feature, which will help you discover the perfect emoji combination once you’ve typed a message. It will be available in Gboard beta and will reach the stable version of the keyboard app “this summer” for messages written in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on devices running Android 6 and above.

Then we have a new feature for Google Assistant that can take you to specific places inside apps. With this new feature, you can tell your Google Assistant stuff like “hey Google pay my Capital One bill” to jump right into the app and complete that task.

One the fifth position, we have a Voice Access with a new addition. With this feature, you can ask Voice Access to work only when you’re looking at the screen. Voice Access now also received enhanced password input.

Last but not least, the Android Auto experience is now more customizable. With this feature, you can now personalize your launcher screen and manually set dark mode. It’s now also easier to browse content.

Source: GSMArena