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WinRAR Latest Update Secures The Program

WinRAR update

The popular packing program WinRAR has received an update. The new update brings important security improvements and should therefore be installed in any case. In the past, the software had to struggle with vulnerabilities again and again.

HTTPS and better handling of faulty archives

According to Ghacks , the new WinRAR version 6.02 is now available for download. The application now uses HTTPS instead of HTTP to display web notifications and link the developer’s website. Most attacks should be prevented with additional checks. In addition, compromised archives are now handled more securely and in most cases no longer automatically unpacked.

In addition to the security holes, the update also fixes two other bugs. An error caused an error message to be output even though a file could be extracted correctly. The error message had informed the user that the password entered to open an archive should not have been the correct password. In addition, the window content was incorrectly positioned when the progress window was enlarged and reduced in quick succession. The complete changelog for WinRAR version 6.02 can be found on this page.

Security problems in the past

A serious vulnerability in WinRAR became known about two years ago. The vulnerability is said to have existed for more than 14 years and affected all users of the tool. Hackers had the opportunity to write exploits and take over a foreign system. The vulnerability was fixed in version 5.70 and is therefore no longer relevant.

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