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China apparently blocked HBO’s website in the country—thanks to John Oliver

China has block HBO website across the country, as per the reports by The New York Times. Chinese Authorities has taken the step in response to John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.

In his show, John Oliver had mocked Chinese president Xi Jinping. Chinese internet watchdog Greatfire.org had noticed all the scenario and the block went into effect on June 22. Currently, the blockage appears to be at 83 percent of the country.

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The current ban on HBO website came into effect after last week’s scrub of Oliver’s appearance on the Chinese social network called Weibo. John Oliver and the host of the late-night show criticized Jinping’s censorship of Winnie-the-Pooh references. Apparently, a number of social media users were using images of the cartoon bear to show a resemblance to Chinese president Xi Jinping. Oliver gears up the concept of resemblance on social media and show.

“Chinese President is very sensitive about his resemblance to Winnie the Pooh, apparently. And I am not even sure it’s that strong a resemblance, to be honest. But the fact is that he is annoyed about it means people will never stop bringing this type of stuff up,” John Oliver said on the show.

John Oliver is no stranger personality regarding internet scandals, as his show had also crippled the FCC website in the United States earlier by asking people to comment on net neutrality. One of his episodes which criticized the United Kingdom’s then-potential exit from the European Union, or Brexit, was delayed as well until after the polls closed in that country.