Your Time on Facebook: a new feature to track your time spent on Facebook

Facebook is developing and in a testing phase of a new feature which will tell you how much time of your life you have wasted on Facebook. Is it too much? Sorry how much time you have spent on Facebook would be appropriate to say.

Facebook in a response to focus on digital health has decided this move, the social media giant is now testing a new feature/tool which will let users see how much time they have spent per day on the platform, as reported by TechCrunch.

The feature was found on an unreleased version of the Facebook mobile app, Facebook has also confirmed that the feature is being developed.

The feature will let users see how much time they have spent on Facebook over the last week, also the average usage per day for the total week. The users would also be able to set the time limit for Facebook usage and set notifications if you hit that time limit.

While Facebook has confirmed the development of the feature but the company has not provided any timeline for the feature when it will be rolled out globally.

Talking to TechCrunch Facebook’s spokesperson said, “We are always focused on innovative ways to help people to make sure their time spent on Facebook is well spent.”

Facebook is not the one to focus on digital health; Instagram is also working on a new feature, including “You’re all caught up” notification which prevents mindless scrolling. Apple has already introduced a new screen-time feature in iOS 12 which let users set the time limit for applications installed on the phone. The feature let users track the total usage based on apps and their categories and much more.

There is no official confirmation yet when Facebook will be rolling out “Your Time On Facebook” but it is more likely to come within 2 to 3 months.

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