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China Beats US In Chip Technology Research For The First Time In History

The Chinese government’s enormous investment in research into chip technologies is paying off. Work in this area is in full swing, which is also reflected in the papers submitted for one of the most important specialist conferences.

The International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) is considered an indicator of the intensity with which research into semiconductor technologies is being carried out in individual countries. In recent years, the USA has always been the number 1 submission. South Korea, on the other hand, had reserved a second place for a long time. However, that has changed this year, according to a report by the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei.

China has now jumped all the way up from the third place. This reflects the fact that the government there recently invested heavily in the area after the USA embargoed more and more semiconductor technologies. Of the 198 research papers accepted, 59 came from this country. The USA was still able to bring in 42 papers, 32 came from South Korea after the amount here had even reduced this year.

China is marching ahead

“China has increased the number of research papers selected in each category, and the Chinese government has played an important role in this,” said one of the participants, adding that South Korea needs to make a breakthrough by doing more in machine learning, artificial learning, among other things Intelligence and so on investing. Almost all contributions from the country would revolve around memory and image sensors, but in terms of breadth, one is not well positioned.

The ISSCC has existed since 1954. It is the largest and most renowned international conference in this field. More than 3,000 researchers from over 30 countries have already registered for the upcoming event to exchange views on the latest technologies in this field. This will take place on February 19th in San Francisco.

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