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Google urges developers to build apps compatible with the foldable smartphones

A trend observed in smartphone buyers is the focus on camera capabilities. Most users switch between smartphones to get benefitted from the great camera capabilities. For instance, the Galaxy S22 ultra was in huge demand owing to the exceptional performance of its camera. Given this fact, we can say that camera is definitely one of the prime reasons for a consumer to buy any given smartphone.

For this reason, app developers are ought to comply with the Camera Framework adopted in Android smartphones to use the camera capabilities in their apps. The earliest use case of the framework requires the implementation of the camera preview that will be presented in the app. Since foldable devices like Galaxy Z Fold 4 are becoming increasingly popular among users there is a concern about the camera preview screens. Owing to the framework of the screen the camera preview screen may become upside-down, stretched, or incorrectly rotated. This could even crash the app when used in a multi-window environment.

To address this issue, Google established some new guidelines with the new CameraViewfinder. It will cater to the details as well as present a streamlined camera experience. Google mentioned in the official blog that CameraViewfinder is a new relic from the Jetpack library. It allows the users to immediately employ camera previews with slight effort.

The CameraViewfinder engages either a TextureView or a SurfaceView.  Thus, permitting the camera feed to adapt as per the alterations. The alterations comprise the correct aspect ratio, scale, as well as rotation. Furthermore, it is completely consistent with the Camera2 codebase. The CameraViewfinder function is now available to use throughout foldable phones, configuration changes, multi-window modes, and rotations. Additionally, the blog also mentions that the function of CameraViewfinder has been tested on various foldable devices.

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