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China builds an ‘UnderWater Great Wall’ – A defence & spy system

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China is developing an ‘Underwater Great Wall’. It is being built in the South China Sea. The aim of this Great Wall is to gain a considerable amount of undersea warfare benefit in cases of any attack. As the reports go China is positioning a setup of ships and undersurface sensors in the South China Sea.

The benefit of this Underwater Wall is that it will provide China with a subsurface warfare advantage. Also, it will allow PLA to spy on any foreign ships in the region. So, in short, this Underwater great wall is a defence and spy system by China.

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According to the current news reports China has also completed its Hainan Power Grid interconnection projects. The submarine cable has been laid near the Hainan Province in the South China Sea. In the Hainan Province the submarine cable goes through the Linshi Island and in Guandong Province it passes through Qiongzhou Strait of Nanlung

It seems that China is fully prepared to take any necessary action in the disputed region leaving nothing behind on chance. The submarines have been directed to take snaps as they pass through Qiongzhou Strait.

In the Guangdong province, China’s South Sea Fleet is located while in Hainan Island China‘s Submarine fleet is located. It seems that China is emphasizing on its internal water claim to the Hainan Strait, which is claimed as international water by the USA.

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Currently, the Hainan Strait is closed for all overseas military vessels. Vessels non-foreign also have to acquire permission 2 days before they enter the Strait. Use of Radar has been prohibited in the area. If they have to be used because of poor visibility, again permission has to be granted by Chinese authorities.

The USA has carried many missions in the South China Sea to monitor the Chinese military position and moves. Thus armed dispute has risen in the South China Sea. Now China is able to challenge the USA by taking these necessary measures.