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Facebook Messenger Now Allows Adding More Friends and Family to in-Progress Calls

Facebook Messenger has introduced another feature and that is of allowing the users to add in more people to an ongoing call may that be a voice call or a video call and that too without the need to hang up on the first call. The new feature has been rolled out with the latest Android and iOS Messenger update.

Formerly, users who wished to turn a one-on-one call into a group call were required to first end the call, and then follow the procedure of starting another call. For users on Messenger, this meant they first and foremost need to make a new group chat or search in their inbox for an already existing chat to start the call from.

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This newly launched feature saves the time by displaying an “add person” icon when they tap on the screen while they are already on some in-progress call.

Exactly like other group calls Facebook Messenger retains the created chat group and let the members remain a part of it even after everyone hangs up.

Facebook Messenger introduced group audio and video calls back in 2016. At that time, it was one of the topmost and first Western messaging applications, that was offering group video calls besides WeChat—China’s most famous messaging application which introduced the feature back in December 2015.

However, the update is comparatively small still it would place Facebook Messenger in a better position to compete against Google Hangout, Skype, Line and other VoIP call providers which allows people to add more friends to in-progress calls, along with the group calling apps like Houseparty.

For enjoying the latest update, you need to first download the latest version of Messenger.

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